Louielou Tattoo


About Us


Louielou Tattoo is a private tattoo studio located in Terrigal, on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Opened in June 2018, the studio is staffed by two full-time artists, one part-time and one manager.

Louisa, the business manager, comes from a business administration and management background.

Zach [@neighbourhoodtats] is the owner of the business as well as one of the tattoo artists. He specialises in traditional-style tattooing.

Troy [@foresfullofwolves]. Troy specialises in japanese-style and realistic tattoos.

Age [@agegrech] is at Louielou Tattoo on a part-time basis, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Age only works in black and grey and specialises in realism pieces.

Louielou Tattoo prides itself on impeccable organisational and hygiene standards. All our artists are trained in first aid and the control of bloodborne pathogens. The studio maintained to the highest standard, to offer and provide beautiful tattoos, designed by excellent artists, in a welcoming, clean and hygienic environment.

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